The goal of this Fund, founded by the end of April 2009, on the one hand, is promoting of holistic research in the fields of integrative biophysics, quantum medicine and quantum-holographic informatics – as contemporary research of psychosomatic diseases indicates the necessity of application of (quantum) holistic methods, oriented to the healing of man as a whole and not diseases as symptoms of disorders of this wholeness. On the other hand, the goal of the Fund is promoting of ecology of consciousness, implying spiritual obligation of everybody to reprogram his/her/its mental environment and thus contribute to complete reprogramming of heavily loaded collective consciousness of our civilization, giving the full meaning to life of every individual disregarding his/her/its social status, which is fundamental question of both mental hygiene and civil decency i.e. both spiritual and civil morality.
During past five years, several electronic publications, TV interviews, lectures, promotions, seminars, round tables, books, scientific papers and communications were realized within the framework of the Fund (

Quantum-Holographic and Classically-Reduced Neural Networks
for Modeling Psychosomatic Functions

The prevailing scientific paradigm considers information processing within the central nervous system as occurring through hierarchically organized and interconnected neural networks. However, it seems that this hierarchy of biological neural networks is going down sub-cellular cytoskeleton level, being according to some scientists a kind of interface between neural and quantum levels. At the same time it appeared, within the Feynman propagator version of the Schrödinger equation, that the quantum level is described by analogous mathematical formalism as Hopfield-like quantum-holographic associative neural network. The mentioned analogy opens additional fundamental question as to how the quantum parallel processing level gives rise to classical parallel processing level, which is a general problem of the relationship between quantum and classical levels within the quantum decoherence theory as well. The same question is closely related to the fundamental nature of consciousness, whose in-deterministic manifestations of free will and other holistic manifestations of consciousness like transitional states of consciousness, altered states of consciousness, and consciousness pervading body – necessarily imply that some manifestations of consciousness must have deeper quantum origin, with significant psychosomatic implications
Namely, as demonstrated by quantum-coherent characteristics of the Russian-Ukrainian school of microwave resonance therapy (MRT) – the acupuncture system is the only macroscopic quantum system in our body (while brain still seems not to be) which might be related to consciousness; and as recent theoretical investigations show that any quantum system has formal mathematical structure of the quantum-holographic Hopfield-like associative neural network – then (acupuncture temporarily reprogrammable) memory attractors of the acupuncture network can be treated as psychosomatic individual disorders representing (quantum) holistic microwave records – which might represent biophysical basis of (quantum)holistic local psychosomatics! At the same time, the mentioned analogy between mathematical formalisms of Hopfield’s associative neural network and Feynman’s propagator version of the Schrödinger equation implies that collective consciousness is a possible ontological property of the physical field itself with various micro-quantum and macro-quantum (both non-biological and biological) excitations, which is a widely spread thesis of Eastern esoteric/religious traditions – and then memory attractors of the quantum-holographic space-time network of collective consciousness can be treated as psychosomatic collective disorders representing generalized (quantum)holistic field records (including interpersonal hesychastic-prayer finally-reprogrammable loads) – which might represent biophysical basis of (quantum)holistic global psychosomatics!
So it seems that the whole psychosomatics is a quantum hologram, both on the level of individual and collective consciousness, which resembles Hinduistic relationship Brahman/Atman (‘Atman is Brahman’), as the whole and its part which bears information about the whole. The mentioned quantum-holographic picture also implies that quantum-holographic hierarchical parts carry information on the whole, enabling quantum-holographic fractal coupling of various hierarchical levels:acupuncture-based-quantum-informational control of ontogenesis and morphogenesis, starting from the first fertilized cell division which initializes differentiation of the acupuncture system of (electrical synaptic) ‘gap-junctions’; quantum-holographic-language-influence on the genes expression; as well as fractal-informational coupling of various hierarchical levels in Nature.
On this line, it might be said that three front lines of psychosomatic medicine do exist: (a) the first one is spirituality, where prayer for others mentally/emotionally involved erases for good mutual memory attractors on the level of collective consciousness; (b) the second one is traditional holistic Eastern medicine and deep psychotherapeutic techniques, whose efforts temporary erase memory attractors on the level of acupuncture system/individual consciousness, and prevent or alleviate their somatization, as a consequence of the indolence on the first level; (c) the third one is modern symptomatic Western medicine, whose activities through immunology, pharmacology, biomedical diagnostics, and surgery, hinder or soothe somatic consequences of the carelessness on the first two levels. It should be stressed, that necessary activities on the second and third levels, with neglect of the first level, have a consequence of further transfer of memory attractors on the level of individual and collective consciousness in this and further generations, thus accumulating quantum-holographic loads which afterwards cause not only illnesses, but also interpersonal fights, wars, and other troubles.

Quantum-Holographic and Classically-Reduced Neural Networks
for Modeling Two Cognitive Modes of Consciousness

The association of individual consciousness to manifestly-macroscopic-quantum acupuncture system, and application of theoretical methods of associative neural networks and quantum neural holography and quantum decoherence theory, imply two cognitive modes of consciousness, according to the coupling strength consciousness-body-environment: (1) weakly-coupled quantum-coherent direct one (in out-of-body religious/ creative transitional and altered states of consciousness, like prayer, meditation, creative dozes, lucid dreams...), and (2) strongly-coupled classically-reduced indirect one(in bodily perceptively/rationally mediated normal states of consciousness, like sensory perception, logical and scientific thinking...) – with conditions for mutual transformations– and significant religious and epistemological implicationsrelated to re-gained strong coupling of quantum-holographic contents of consciousness with bodily-environment, classically-reducing directly obtained quantum-coherent informational content. This explains in principle non-adequate informational rationalization of any direct quantum-holographic spiritual/religious mystical experience(as a general problem of the quantum theory of measurement, of reduction of the implicate order of quantum-coherent (quantum-holographic) superpositions into the explicate order of measured projective quantum and mixed classical states!). So it seems that science is closing the circle, by re-discovering two cognitive modes of consciousness and at the same time by imposing its own epistemological limitations – as it was preserved for millennia in shamanistic tribal traditions, or as it was concisely described by Patanjali in Yoga Sutras, pointing out that mystical experience (samadhi) is ’filled with truth’ and that ’it goes beyond inference and scriptures’, or as this difference between faith and knowledge was formulated at the beginning of the last century by Berdyaev in his Philosophy of Freedomas the difference of two modes of cognition, prayer-mediated ’comprehension of the affairs invisible’ and rationally-mediated ’comprehension of the affairs visible’!
The direct cognitive mode of individual consciousness may be related to direct and weakly coupled consciousness-environment communication with the evolving state of the quantum-holographic collective consciousness (characteristic of out-of-body quantum-coherent transitional and altered states of individual consciousness in religious/esoteric mystical states – which might afterwards give rise to classically-reduced transpersonal out-of-body extrasensory communications, including anticipation in intuition, precognition, and deep creative insights, via mentally-channeled quantum-gravitationally tunneled displaced part of the quantum-holographic-Hopfield-like electromagnetic/ionic acupuncture network of individual consciousness on the mentally addressed target within quantum-holographic/quantum-gravitational space-time network of collective consciousness – being after quantum collapsing in classical/normal state of consciousness, through restituted strong coupling of quantum-holographic-consciousness-contents with the body, further subject to indirect language/artistic/ scientific filtering through extended reticular-thalamic activated system, thus classically-reducing initially obtained direct quantum-coherent information content).
The indirect cognitive mode of individual consciousness may be related to strongly coupled consciousness-body-environment communication via space-time limited perceptual sensations, further processed by classical/ electrochemical hierarchical neural networks and rationally filtered in conscious content by approximate empirical/artistic/scientific concepts dependent of cultural/scientific tradition and education of the inhabitants of some society (characteristic of classically-reduced normal states of individual consciousness in everyday communications, additionally filtered and amplified by extended reticular-thalamic activated system – and afterwards transcribed in conscious content of the quantum-informational acupuncture network of individual consciousness, via brainwaves' EM fields every ~ 0.1 s – so generating normal ‘stream of consciousness’).

Quantum-Holographic and Classically-Reduced Neural Networks
and Ecology of Consciousness

As it was pointed out above, necessity of direct quantum-holographic coupling of individual and cosmic collective consciousness needs weak out-of-body quantum-communication coupling consciousness-environment, i.e. previous reprogramming of all psychosomatic loads. In the context of religious traditions, this implies cleansing of possessive or hedonistic emotional-mental sin/karmic connections with the world – which as loading ‘mental addresses’ would give rise to quantum projections of mentally-channelled tunnelled consciousness on the out-of-body environment, and thus to classically-reduced out-of-body extrasensory observing of the mentally-addressed environment! On the same line, the efforts of mystics of all traditions to clean consciousness/soul through spiritual practice (prayer, meditation, ...) and thus to reach their final eschatological goal (Kingdom of God, nirvana, …), i.e. post-mortem salvation (of the sin-free/karmic-free non-bounded soul) appear reasonable!   
It still leaves room for personal love, whose highest manifestation is ability and readiness for permanent and unconditioned forgiving to loving person (and because of him/her to everybody else, including enemies!), in spiritual prayer and (subtly related quantum-holographic) living practice! The same refers to love for relatives and friends.
Such scientific discoveries in consciousness research imply spiritual obligation of everybody to reprogram his/her/its mental environment thus contributing to the ecology of collective consciousness of civilization and to ‘the end of history’ of conflicts, giving the full meaning to life of every individual disregarding his/her/its social status – which is fundamental question of both mental hygiene and civil decency i.e. both spiritual and civil morality – and imply ultimate necessity of spiritual revival of our civilization, with hardly loaded collective consciousness!

Acknowledgments. DRF is grateful to Belgrade municipality Stari grad, Life Activities Advancement Center, Institute for Experimental Phonetics and Speach Pathology (IEPSP), International Anti-Stres Center (IASC), European Center for Peace and Development (ECPD) of the United Nations University for Peace, e-Development Association, Health Festival Belgrade and International Association for Promotion and Development of Quantum Medicine Quantess, as well as to numerous collaborators for logistic support.

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Prof. Dr. Dejan Raković, DRF Director